Vollautomatische Bewegung

Für die Einstellung müssen lediglich Start- und Endposition und die Überlappung eingestellt werden. Alles weitere erfolgt automatische im Programmablauf.

Unbegrenzte Bildanzahl

Panoramen können mit einer beliebigen Anzahl von Bilder gemacht werden. Somit kann jede Brennweite genutzt werden.

HDR Funktion

Belichtungsreihen können aktiviert werden, um HDR Bilder mit idealer Belichtung zu erstellen (Funktion in Entwicklung)


Jedes Setup kann als Vorlagen abgespeichert und abgerufen werden. Somit können Aufnahmen sehr zügig gestartet werden und sind wiederholbar

Start and forget

Once you have started the panorama sequence, the programm will run on the controller. You can close the app. If necessery, you can do a reconnect and check the status.


This content requires HTML5 with CSS3 3D Transforms or WebGL.

Different motion types

Depending on your scene, you can choose different motion patterns to fit your requirements.

You only need to setup two opposite corners of the panorama, and everything in between will be done automatically.

FAQ: Panorama-Mode

Yes, it does not matter if you want to create a "flat" panorama or a whole 360° spherical panorama. The setup is always the same.

Of course you can save a preset once as a 360° and recall it later.
The overlap must be only set, if you are using a new focal length. If you already have created a panorama with your desired focul length, then you can simple choose this as preset and skip the overlap settings.

Each time you create a new preset, you will be asked for camera model, lens and focal length. This way it is ensured, that you use always the right configuration according your current setup.
Depending on your desired scene, you have to choose a suitable motion pattern. The panorama mode offers a vertical and a horizontal motion pattern.

The horizontal motion pattern is suitable mostly for scenes where you have a sky. If you have moving clouds or changing light situations due to the sun going up or down, you want to choose horizontal movement. This way, the sky will be captured first and will have a consistant exposure.

The vertical motion pattern is suitable, if you want to shot panoramas with a very high pan angle. The vertical movement has the advantage, that you can step out of the field-of-view very easy. If you would do a 360° panorama with the horizontal movement, you would have to pay attention multiply times to avoid the field-of-view of the camera.