Manual mode

6 axis control

Each axis movement can be set individually and independent of the other axis.

Quick adjustments

Adjusting the positions, making different settings and switching between shot-move-shot and video mode can be done within a few clicks.

Free keyframes

The amount and position of keyframes can be set for each axis individually.

Save presets

Each motion can be saved as preset and be recalled in the future. This way you can achieve a quick setup and repeatable shots.

Different motion types

Choose between different motion types or setup your own motion using individual keyframes.

Start and forget

Once you have started the timelapse sequence, the programm will run on the controller. You can close the app. If necessery, you can do a reconnect and check the status.


This unit can be used with any motion controller, which supports stepper motors. Due to the universal lens gear belt, almost any lens can be attached.

Individual and free keyframes

You are able to set a free amount of keyframes (max. 20) for each axis individually. So you are able to do a linear/constant movement with one axis and a completely different movement on the other axis.

FAQ: Timelapse-Mode

The Focus-Zoom-Unit is equipped with a 0.8 gear wheel. This is the standard gear for almost any professional lens and follow-focus equipment.

So you are able to attach the unit directly to your lens, if it already has a build-in gear. Otherwise you can use the included universal gear belt and attach it to any lens.

The only problem which might occur is that your lens wheel are too close together or too close to the camera. For this problem, we have designed a mirrored unit, which gives you more flexibility.
Inside the unit, there is a standard NEMA11 stepper motor. So you can use almost any stepper motion controller.

But of course we recommend using our PureControl. If you are planning to do live video shooting and focus pulling, you might want to wait until we have finished development of our decicated control unit for live shooting.
The unit is equipped with a NEMA11 stepper motor and a 1:10 worm gear reduction. Due to this reduction, the unit can output a very high torque.

You chould always limit the stepper current, so that the torque is limited and to keep the stepper motor from getting hot.
The integrated stepper motor can be connected to almost any stepper motion controller. The Focus-Zoom-Unit has a build-in 4-pin miniXLR socket for the stepper motor connection.